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in missouri. >>> virginia governor mcdonnell say he is pleased with the one- day special session on wednesday. 90% of the amies made it through the house and senate including restrictions on abortion funding and hike in speeding fines. some big ones that didn't get through. cuts in funding for at-risk teens and cuts for public radio and television stations. >>> many maryland, ulysses curry is under investigation for the use of his campaign account. the maryland board of elections asked theostat prosecutor to see if the portion county democrat improperly used $53,000 for noncampaign use. curry is the chairman of the maryland budget and taxation committee. >>> it is time for another "living $mart" report. jessica doyle is here and says it is time to start saving money. >> that's right. if you head to the story for -- if you head to the store for appliances, today is the first day that they can take advantage of the cash for clunkiers alines program. district of columbia and virginia you are not far behind. the program hands out rebates toward the percentage of energy efficient appliances. maryl
maryland and western areas of virginia. storms in the forecast. thunderstorms for sunday. let me take through the next 48 hours. this is your futurecast. weather front south. there's clouds across the area. moving out of here more and more. clouds that we have today. high pressure continuing to think south. only briefly. for another day through tomorrow. part of that system comes east. i think we will have showers showing up on saturday. light showers. shouldn't be anything too heavy. but certainly by about lunch time saturday. here's your forecast. pleasant temperatures drop from the mid 60s to about 57 degrees next couple of hours. sunset today at 7:25. here we go with the morning forecast. we are clear, we are cool. chilly. 42 to 49 degrees. sun rising tomorrow at 6:21. for tomorrow mostly sunny and average for april, absolutely delightful for tomorrow. now wish i could cover this up but i can't. four-day forecast, taking you through the weekend. where it is going to be scattered mainly light showers for saturday. things could pick up a bit on sunday with more wet weather coming ou
from the pennsylvania burdener to north central virginia and the washington area until 9:00 a.m. in southern maryland, but quickly dropping off here in dc. dulles, leesburg, gaithersburg visibility. quarter mile culpeper, winchester and hagerstown and eight up in baltimore. annapolis a quarter mile, york, pennsylvania a quarter mile. temperatures 40s, 41 laytonsville with dense fog and 52 here in washington. here's angie with more. >> this is a blanket traffic report. we don't have incidents or accidents to report but the low visibility is the top story this this morning. 95 northbound you are okay with visibility until you hit the capital beltway and that's where it gets really bad. if you switch to the beltway in virginia 95 to 66 we are seeing thick fog the same for 66 as well as on the dulles toll road. you will not be able to go at speed if you plan to hit the roads within the next 15 to 20 minutes. in frederick, where's the roads an the lanes. the picture speaks for itself. around river road is where you may have a little clarity. in to the district things clear out a li
in the low 70's. let's go to lisa baden. >> not much from virginia state police. prince william and stafford county, you cannot see much because of the fog. police are not working anything on 95, 395, or 66. let's look at 270 southbound approaching 109. we had a crash before 109, but that's gone. delays are on 85 getting to 80. there was another crash and that's on the beltway. 50, route 1, rhode island avenue are good alternates instead of the baltimore washington parkway. >> thank you for that. >>> breaking news from temple hillel. two prince george's county sheriff's deputies were involved in an overnight shooting at a nightclub. kathy park is joining us by phone. what can you tell us? >> according to the prince george's county sheriff's department, we understand that a fight broke out in the parking lot right in front of club elite on brinkley road in temple hill. this happened around 1:00 in the morning. the three men were involved in the scuffle. two sheriff's deputies working part-time at the club were trying to break up the fight. one of the suspects tried to flee in his car. ended u
northern west virginia. that's associated with the weather front. it is a weak front but again moving away from our area. we will clear out later tonight and we will clear out and more sunshine tomorrow. one more dry day before we go into this pattern of wet weather across the area. there you can see some showers up around hagerstown. we had a few around fredericksburg. those are now gone. they made their way east and out of here. the big system that i talked about, look at this. producing snow showers, now some thunderstorms where some of that moisture is finally running north out of the gulf of mexico with drier air to the north and it will be producing more severe weather across the plains. let me take you to colorado right now. this is near the denver area. bennett, colorado, where you may think colorado got more snow. in fact, several inches of marble-sized hail around the area yesterday afternoon and these storms did cause flooding across state and you know what, more severe weather is expected there tomorrow. again, this is a big system. large system that's going to affect -- many,
and central virginia. it is widespread. there is dense fog literally everywhere here for your morning commute t will mix as soon as the sun gets up and it should be a mostly sunny day. it will be nice this affect. right now, upper 40s and low others. 48 in baltimore. 48 in frederick. so temperatures are fairly comfortable to start the day. early fog, plenty of afternoon sun. enjoy the afternoon temperature, 72. we have the dense fog advisory in effect until 9:00 this morning. i'll show you the map where the dense fog advisory is located in just a moment. >> thank you. >>> a d.c. school principal found murdered in his silver spring home one week ago will be laid to rest today. there is a funeral for bryan betts in his home town of manassas. his vehicle had been abandoned in southeast washington. >>> right now, 11 workers are still missing following an oil rig explosion off the coast of louisiana. more than 100 workers were on board tuesday night when the blast happened about 50 miles offshore in the gulf of mexico. seventeen people were hurt, four of them critically. >>> just about on track. a
. >>> virginia governor bob mcdonnell says he is pleased with the general assembly's one- day special session. yesterday 90% of his budget amendment made it through the house and the senate. and that includes restrictions on abortion funding, and a hike in speeding fines. but the proposal for cuts in funding for at-risk teens and cuts for public radio and television stations were not approved. >>> in maryland, state senator ulysses currie is under investigation for the use of his campaign account. the maryland board of elections ask think state prosecutor to see if the prince georges county democrat improperly used $53,000 for non-campaign use. currie is the chairman of the maryland budget and taxation committee. >>> passengers stranded at dulles airport because of the icelandic volcano are finally getting a chance to come home because this morning united airlines had a flight in london that departed on time at 9:30. and late yesterday, the first flight from london to bwi marshall airport in six days actually touched down. passengers were happy to be home. >> i mean we were like thrilled watc
of those roads and wrap it up with the beltway in virginia. bad, bad bad out here. watch your speed. no incidents or accidents to report but low visibility is the big story this morning. back to you. >>> maryland state board of elections is requesting an investigation of state senator ulysses curry of prince georges county. according to the baltimore sun, the influential senator is accused of using $41,000 in campaign funds to pay for apparent criminal defense legal fees over the last year. the board is not satisfied with how the campaign explained more than $53,000 in questionable expenditures. >>> dc police need your help to catch two robbers. officers say two men walked in to nelly's sports bar in the 900 block of u street northwest on monday night. they say the manwaring the baseball caps pointed a weapon at the manager and demanded cash the pair then ran out the back with employees following them. if you have any information about this crime, call police. >>> the army is considering whether to rescind an invitation to evangelist franklin graham. graham son of billy graham was s
60 there and western maryland, eastern shore now, the low 60s, low 60s across southern virginia and into the carolinas. now, as we take a look at the view from space over the last 24 hours, we have seen the storm system cranking up here in the central part of the rockies and out ahead of that we may get some severe weather. this is a large storm system that's going to be advancing to the east, and it'll be sort of tracking right on top of us and then stall out here for the weekend and into the first part of next week. as that happens, it will give us some rain. it appears for saturday and sunday and into the first part of next week. well, let's take a look at the closer view. we have seen this storm system we had with the rain yesterday exiting off to the east. and as we go forward now, the futurecast over the next 12 to 24 hours shows just a few clouds around this afternoon as we get a weak front coming through. during the day on friday, a few clouds and here comes some rain from that storm system in the midwest. that will likely be arriving during the day on saturday. for the
-quarter mile. but it's mostly in the rural areas of maryland and virginia where the visibilities are down to near zero to a quarter of a mile. right now, the temperatures are in the low 50s and 40s in the shenandoah valley, 40 there, 52 in washington. and the last of that rain from yesterday is now pulling off the coast. we have a clear sky over the fog and after the fog dissipates by midmorning, we'll have lots of sunshine and afternoon highs should climb into the low 70s. s there just a slight chance of an isolated thundershower later on or a shower this afternoon, only a small chance. tomorrow, mostly sunny in the morning, a few clouds in the afternoon. saturday and sunday rain is possible. jerry, good morning. how's the thursday traffic. >> good. morning to you, obviously. as mentioned, the fog is going to be an issue. as we head on out, take a live look at this is the approach to the american legion bridge. let's go over to virginia and see how we're doing over there. a changeable situation, some areas not experiencing any fog, others socked in this morning. we'll keep you updated. t
for appliances starts today in maryland and coming soon to virginia and then the district. we'll take a closer look at how this all works coming up this morning. >> we'll find out more in a minute. >>> right now let's find out about the forecast for today and the fog out there. >> good morning to both of you. the fog is the lead story this morning as far as the weather goes. it is very dense in some areas. you can barely see in front of you and because of that we have a dense fog advisory in place. some of my coworkers this morning describing it as the worst fog they've seen in quite sometime. so all of the areas under a dense fog advisory until 9:00 and visibility down to a quarter mile in much of the region and less. i mentioned on my drive to work, and that was extremely early, i could only see about 30 feet in front of me at some locations. so it's pretty thick out there. here is a look at the current teams at the airport. 52 at reagan national. 49 at dulles. 47 at bwi marshall. a look at sat-rad will show you we have improving conditions. after we get this fog out of the way, we'll have a
70's this afternoon. tomorrow looks like a gorgeous day. >> virginia lawmakers have approved a plan for gov. bob mcdonnell to cut abortion funding from the commonwealth. in a close vote, they voted to block state funding for abortion except in cases of rape or of the life of the mother is at risk. some people could cash in on a program to encourage people to buy energy-efficient appliances. $5.4 million has been committed to the program in maryland. the va has $7.4 million committed. the program kicks off next month. officials building the new silver line at dulles international say it is costing more than expected. the cost could mean higher fees for phyllis commuters. -- dulles commuters. and coming up on abc7 news at noon, the president heads to wall street with a message for bankers and brokers. get ready for more oversight. a preview, coming up. then powerful testing on a student who is accused of passing private e-mails. we will be right back. passing private e-mails. we will be right back. >> president obama is delivering a message to bankers and brokers in new york city, ge
router, and here in their security center in virginia, they monitor about one billion security events every day-- however, about three-quarters of all cyber-attacks come from outside the united states where the u.s. government has no jurisdiction. >> we're not as prepared as we should be. >> reporter: a reality the white house is trying to change. >> we're looking across the spectrum what are the legal frameworks, not only domestically, but internationally. >> reporter: howard schmidt is the nuclear appointed white house cyber-czar. his job is to make america's networks safe against attacks wherever they come from. >> but the key issue that we understand and we're working towards is reducing the vulnerabilities. >> reporter: the government is also quietly hiring hackers to learn their secrets. last month, mudge began working for darpa, the secretive research arm of the department of defense. however, the u.s. is playing catch-up. countries like china and russia have dedicated considerable resources to the cyber-battlefront, while the u.s. has been slow to react. >> so, establish it's
county, d.c., northern virginia. essentially we have the fog. the fog is a problem, it'll continue to be a problem for the morning ride. it'll be slow and get there in a hurry. you will not get where you want to go in a hurry. we break out the sun, 70 degrees. so we have something to look forward to. this morning it's all about the fog. let's go to the woman in charge. here's kim brown . >> we have a problem on the bw parkway. traveling southbound 295, good hope road, there's a crash blocking all lanes at this time. i'll get more details and let you know. as we take a peek at our drive times, pretty much in the green. people are reducing your speed. northbound 95, ten minutes from route 100, up to 395. 11-minute ride down to route 32. if you're traveling on the west side of the outer loop, seven minutes from 70 to 95. baltimore city, we're still working a couple events. we do have a truck fire, south highland avenue at boston street, over in randalstown, crash reported kings point road, eastbound at marriottsville road. sherrie johnson standing by with details on one of this mornin
carolinas y virginia, y bajan las temperaturas. patrón del tiempo: lluvioso en el centro del país, mientras ya finalizando la semana para el jueves precipitaciones en el medio oeste, vientos de hasta 20 millas por hora, sobre chicago, y todavía sentimos temperaturas bajas al noroeste, tenemos un adelanto para el viernes, y tenemos este anticiclón, el centro de baja presión se queda afectando al centro del país, y este anticiclón que toma control de todo el sureste, y aquí en o ♪(música) >>> de qué te ríes? >>> estamos univisrecordando ans del bar de la república. >>> es triatleta. >>> según la real academia española es triatleta. >>> y no es cualquier. los saludo con mucho gusto. y le tengo el jalon de orejas por un quaterbackprimer impacto. >>> son trabajos intensos y con mucho provecho. >>> físicamente el mpactounivis policía, y se robó una base, y es el sexto pelotero con al menos esa cantidad de robos y 256 jonrones. y el mundo del de impactounivis para el inicio de la copa del mundo? >>> 50 días, nada ms, para ese partido entre méxico y sudáfrica. y recuerde que el
were able to get fabulous deals in virginia. spf, perfect play on housing. we also like what goes into housing. pier one, sherwin williams, not to mention sears, whirlpool, stanley black and decker. appliances are on fire here. anything that goes into a home. anybody that sells it, tjx, bd h bath & beyond, smoking. and finally, this is a new one. hotels. marriott reported a fabulous quarter today, beating the consensus by 2 cents a share. on the conference call, marriott talked about how the recovery is happening faster than expected. corporate travel room nights up 16% year over year. business strengthening, starwood symbol hot. another great hotel chain reports next week. i expect good things. our favorite play, winn for its growth potential. newly launched encore. if you bought winn at its low today, you made $5.72. better than a sharp stick in the eye. here's the bottom line. the next time we get a pullback like we got today, and i think we'll get one tomorrow because of onlyson and microsoft. ultra fast growers, aerospace, banks but only with revenue growth, the return to hou
french teacher stuck in virginia said it was a learning opportunity. she had a chance it find out more about the civil war. she call her extended layover a great pleasure, just a little bit too long. >>> today is the 40th anniversary of earth day. a big rally planned for the national mall on sunday. thousands are expected for the earth day climate rally which starts at 11:00 sunday morning and it runs all day. >>> did you run into a little trouble with your computer yesterday. we'll have details on a software glitch that caused computers across the country to reboot repeatedly. soy a good excuse to redo your kitchen. why the government may give you some cash to get rid of those old appliances. v >>> president barack obama heading to new york later this morning to drum up support for an overhaul of the financial industry. the president will talk with students at cooper union college not far from wall street. the white house says the president's speech will remind americans what is at stake in reforming the financial system. >>> so we had cash to clunkers. now get ready fo
, a couple accidents on the maryland side. first, in virginia, no accidents. normal volume out of southern maryland. roweled 4 and route 5 trudging through the fog. the baltimore washington parkway wreck on 202, police on the scene, traffic is able to get through. i-270 south near 109 there is a wreck after 80, causing the becca. 66 at 95, no delays. not many cameras available to us because of the fog. i-495 at university blvd. on that shot. >> we are following breaking news from temple hillel. two prince george's county sheriff's dipodies were involved in an overnight shooting at a nightclub. details are scarce. police still as it happens at club believed on brinkley rd.. there's no word of the number of victims of what led to the shooting. -- club elite. >> brian betts will be laid to rest today nearly a week after he was murdered inside his home. last night the shaw middle school community said goodbye at a viewing in manassas. brianne carter is live in northwest with some of these emotional tributes. >> good morning. some of the notices about their principal still remain on the door at
air marshal from northern virginia is charged with raping a woman at gunpoint while wearing his badge. the alleged incident happened saturday at a hotel near seattle-tacoma international airport. 30-year-old omar settles of herndon threaten ad woman described as an escort with a gun. investigators say that he forced her to have sex, telling her he was a u.s. marshal. the tsa says settles has been fired. he's being held on $250,000 bail in the king county jail in seattle. >>> metro riders may be facing higher fares and reduced service as the agency struggles to close a huge budget gap. metro has the budget shortfall of $189 million. board members say fare increases and service cuts could help to ease that. according to reports interim general manager feld wants to raise rail fares to a minimum of $1.95 during peak hours and that's up la 30 cents. the longest trips could cost as much as $5. bus fare wobs $1.50 for smart trip users and that's 25 cent increase. and parking would cost 50 cents more. >>> it is an exciting day here at news4 in case you noticed. we have a new home here. >> we
poblacion hispana donde se sentiran mas estos despidos...desde washington, fernando pizarro, en virginia, ya esta por inar la sesion extraordinaria de la asamblea legislativa que fue convocada de urgencia para consdierar 122 enmiendas presentadas por el gobernador bob mcdonell... una de esta enmiedas esta destinada a aumentar considerablemente las multas por violaciones de trafico, tales como conducir con exceso de velocidad... hasta el momento los legisladores rechazaron la enmienda del gobernador destinada a eliminar el apoyo estatal a los programas para ayudar a los jovenes en riesgo, como a los que quieren dejar las maras... aereo de herndon ha sido acusado de violacion en el estado de washington..lecheton o. settles fue detenido la madrugada sabado l cargos contra el, se derivan de un supuesto asalto sexual de una mujer a autoridades senaa punta de pistola tras mostrarle su o que le devolviera el dinero que habia pagado por sus servicios ...una vez que la mujer se fue, llamo a una amiga quien a la policia los cambios climaticos estarian contribuyendo al inuscitado aumento de los casos
, virginia neighborhood once sold for close to $400,000. prices now are half as much. that makes owning an affordable option for first time home buyer issa viayrada. a high school spanish teacher, she's ready to settle down and has been shopping for a home. while she's made several offers, she hasn't had much luck. >> in this area, it's not so much about finding a house, it's about losing it to the highest bidder. >> reporter: the higher bidding is coming from investors, some who want to buy and rent the home, and others who want to flip it. one thing they have in common, says realtor mario rubio, is cash. >> the sellers or banks own, they would prefer to make a deal with a cash offer, which makes sense at this time, because the banks have been waiting, trying to sell these properties for so long. >> reporter: cash buyers now make up a quarter of the market, 10% is considered a normal level. in markets like d.c., southern california, and florida, those investors are pushing out first time buyers. some homes, like this one viayrada is looking at, were sold only a few months ago and now a
's the stories we are following today. today brian betts will be buried in manassas, virginia. the shaw middle school principal was found murdered last thursday. 2,000 mourners attended a public wake last night. rescue planes scoured the gulf of mexico. they are searching for any sign of missing workers afterren explosion and fire on an oil rig on tuesday night. 115 people don't off the rig safely. it is unknown what caused the accident. >>> president obama heads to new york to push for an overhaul of financial rules. he will deliver his first major address on the financial melt down since last spring. howard bernstein has called in the marines to help him get the forecast for us. good morning, howard. and good morning phillip. >> it is not just earth day it is a take your child to work day. he was up bright and early with us. how bad was the fog driving in? >> i could not see at all. >> there's a good reason for that. a dense fog advisory is in affect. we a what had what yesterday that helped to cause the fog. >> condensation. >> that's right. visibilities down to zero in frederick, gaithersb
on for the state of maryland. for virginia, it starts next week. for the district, some time in late may. for more information, go to our website at wjla.com. natasha barrett, abc 7 news. >> thank you. >>> the head of security is testifying today after hacking into sarah palin's personal e- mail. he says he did not find anything incriminating in the e-mails. another person testified that she received threatening messages. >>> a 31-year-old ohio woman has been found safe in florida. police say she is in contact with her family and no longer considered a missing person. the married mother of a 1-year- old not missing after going grosz sale shopping. police found her car with eight flat tire and abandoned. >>> at least 60 passengers were hurt when a cruise ship made a sharp turn. it was traveling near the yucatan peninsula. one passenger says she was thrown out of bed. a spokesperson for carnival cruise lines say all of the injuries are minor. the ship is safely docked at its home port in taxes. >>> hundreds of schoolchildren stopped by the national mall by the earth day. the mascot, betty bison, was
. the outer loop in virginia is the worst on the beltway. there is a truck with a flat tire at telegraph road and the delays are extensive, at least a 40 minute ride. we will see if we compete for one of the cameras. it is clearing out at washington boulevard. it is difficult to see the traffic signal ahead for it in maryland, there is a clear camera at the american legion bridge. >>> let me put this into motion downtown across the city and you can't see much in the beginning from but you can see the washington monument and temperatures are in the low 50's right now. the fog advisory has been dropped. it still remains in effect until 9:00. we will have a late date isolated storms as a possibility. 72 degrees this afternoon. >>> tight budget could have a major impact on roads. transportation leaders said several projects may be canceled or delayed. that include the widening of rte. 7 in virginia and turning lanes on route 1. upgrades to columbia pike may be scrapped as well. we will be back with another update at 8:25. for continous news coverage, tune in to our sister station, newschannel8 >>
,000 people who traveled to virginia for his memorial service last night. later, more accounts from his students and how much he was loved by that school. >> it's just so sad what's happened to him. hopefully they'll get to the bottom of this. thank you. >> sure. >>> facebook, oh, it's changed the way people communicate nowadays hasn't it? now it wants to change your entire internet experience. big changes go into effect today and jennifer westhoven is looking out for you. what are they doing now? >> it's going to roll out it sounds like over a few months so you might not see it immediately today but basically what they're doing is taking your facebook experience and moving it outside the actual facebook website so you'll see it on other websites, like the "new york times," espn, our sister network, cnn, so if you use facebook, it's going to track the websites that you visit, and new stories that you read. so that you would see what your friends are reading, and guess what? they will see what you are reading, too, if you're on some of those sites out there. >>> taking a look at family f
. >>> the construction lot in virginia has been turned into a thing of beauty, just in time for earth day. we're actually talking about the new central place. rain garden and public plaza, right in the middle of the high- rises. a dedication ceremony took place today across from the rubble in metro. so the rain garden will be filled with the native plants, trees, and shrubs. the garden will absorb the water with these run-offs and protect the water quality. dancing is out there as well. the first day there and now as well as the weekend's earth day climate area from the mall. log onto our website, wusa9.com, and click on living green. >> what a beautiful way to usher in earth day today. >> it is. >> i wish that becould kind of copy this for them and to copy as it was on sunday for the festival. we'll talk about that. first thing first, we'll shout that out for the rest of the day to bring your son and daughter to work and they were great. i mean, through the three states of water and the instrument measuring the pressure. >> all right, it is thursday rather and it is time for your best shot. now, i don't
county and across the chesapeake bay. all of those areas from d.c. and beyond in virginia, until 9:00 a.m. it's going to be hanging around for a while. 52 in washington, it's rather mild because of all the clouds, 48 degrees in salisbury. 48 in hagerstown and 45 in oakland. we're going to pick up again just a chance for an isolated shower as i mentioned to the next front. if we get anything, it will be about .10 of an inch of rainment and that will be in the afternoon hours at 2:00 p.m. it s going to be here and there. most of us won't be affected by the front. that is the culprit if we do see a shower at all. behind it more air will work in. we will see more sunshine behind it, too. with high pressure pushing into the area, we will see more sun and comfortable temperatures. the next frontal boundary, this is the one watching this is going to be the beginning of the a rainy period toward saturday night with a chance of showers. this low being blocked by high pressure up in the northeast is going to hang in here without anything to push it out completely. it will be blocked in place and
county who mailed a birthday card to her 3-year-old grand-daughter in the state of virginia. >> never send another birthday card in the mail with a gift card or money or check in it. never. never. it's sad. >>> when police arrested walsh tuesday at his consciousville house they recovered more than 400 gift cards in the car. if convicted he could go to jill for up to 5 years. >> city faces 120 million dollar deficit but some shop keepers are saying tonight a plan to tax bench by 4 cents may put them out of business. kathleen joining us now to explain. kathleen. >> some city leaders say essential services like police and fire will have to be cut in order to deal with the deficit. a tax on bench container has opponent out in force. standing room only at the public hearing on the measure to impose a 4 cent tax on benches. the owner of my cousin place in high land town says it will put him out of business. doe bait over councilville in heated debate. >> without new revenue city faces the pros text of closing 7 fire companies, laying off sworn police officers. >> i can't believe the
mailed a gift card to her grandson in virginia with a $50 gift card tucked inside. later he received an empty envelope marked return to the sender and was told that she had been a victim of theft. >> i will never send another gift card or a check in it, never. it's sad. >> reporter: now investigators were able to track down some the missing gift cards taken from the greeting cards and they discovered that the phone number used upon purchase was walsh's, the postal employee here. police arrested walsh on tuesday night at his home in cockeysville. while they were there, they recovered more than 400 gift cards inside of his car there. he is charged with theft of mail. if he is convicted, he could go to jail for more than five years. no word if he would have to pay restitution. live at the post was at fayette street, megan gilliland. fox 45 early edition. >>> students are the target of armed robbers for the second time in two months. the latest incident happened after midnight tuesday at the fraternity house at the 200 block of east berg avenue. one of students of doing homework when si
>reportera: en virginia, el programa de reembolso se iniciara el 28 de abril y en el distrito de columbia a fines de mayo... reportera: segun expertos, estos electrodomesticos le pueden ahorrar hasta miles de dolares en sus pagos mensuales. recuerde que cada estado tiene sus propias regulaciones sobre este programa de reembolso. en maryland, maria rosa lucchini, univision. la policia informoque el seis por ciento de las personas arrestadas bajo cargos criminales en el condado de prince williams el ano pasado, fueron inmigrantes indocumentados... segun los registros policiales 1,197 inmigrantes fueron acusados bajo cargos criminales el el 2009... de ellos, 88- por ciento fueron acusado por delitos menores o violaciones de trafico... el condado se unio en el 2008, al programa federal que entrena a los oficiales locales para hacer cumplir las leyes migratorias... el informe tambien muestra que el indice de criminalidad total en el condado alcanzo los niveles mas bajos de los ultimos 15- anos bajos... el chofer del metro que fuera arrestado a comienzos de mes porque presumiblemente extr
in virginia that never made it. >> i was angry. how could somebody steal from a 3-year-old. i am sure they did not know how old my granddaughter was. but still. birthday card said happy birthday 3-year-old. >> well, walsh had the initial appearance in federal court today. if convicted, he faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith. towson university students are on high alert tonight after another student is robbed at gunpoint. it happened just after midnight at a frat house, 200 block of burke avenue. one of the students that lives there was doing homework when about six guys wearing red ban dannan nas stormed in and robbed them. >> yeah, he said the first guy had a revolver and second and third had knives. he did not recognize the rest. told to stay in the kitchen. not to move. >> robbers got cash, computers, video gaming system. police are trying to determine if this incident is connected to one last month where two towson university students were assaulted and robbed in their dorm room. >> arundel county police arrest 21
virginia. new york, los angeles and chicago remain the three most populous cities in the country. >> sometimes it seems that all those people are on the road at once. >> same time. >> veronica, we've got some positive changes for tomorrow, huh? >> that we do. in fact, doreen and jim, tomorrow it's going to be probably the warmest day since friday of last week. so the cool weekend, first part of this week has been a little on the cool side, too. tomorrow, you're going to like it. we've got to get through some of this mist that's left throughout the area. for the most part the rain is out of the area. 54, that was the low, the high only 57. so where did we go? nowhere today. the average high is 58. the coolest since the bottom of march, that's the 30th. so there can be some pockets of fog forming with the calm winds. as far as our rainfall today, almost a quarter of an inch of rain. that puts us at 0.88 of an inch. you can see where some of it is left in delaware and southern new jersey. right now dover and east of oxford. so when we picked up nearly a quarter of an inch of rain he
. and in virginia, chester brook academy in fairfax releasing more than 3,000 lady bugs into the environment today. during the event, the prekindergarten students will each wear lady bug antennas they made during earth day studies. they are study on insects and life animals. >> i expect we'll see them at 5:00 this afternoon. >>> a robbery at a d.c. sports bar turns into an all-out brawl and it was caught on camera. we have the video up here next on fox 5 morning news. >>> plus -- >> i told him, get down. don't be picking up with stuff all over the place. they're after somebody. >> a couple caught in the middle of a standoff and how a murder victim ended up in their basement. it's 9:11. ne -- guaranteed for two years! it's an amazing offer that could save you hundreds of dollars. call now to lock in this guaranteed low price for two years. with 100% true fiber optics to your home, fios delivers the future and gives you more of what cable doesn't. the best channel lineup and more hd. america's top-rated internet. even facebook and twitter on your tv. enjoy a bigger, better entertainment experience.
and virginia. long-term planners say the stimulus money from 2009 was pretty much spent on maintaining projects already in the pipeline. now, there is not enough money left for the big budget project. some construction project will continue but other plans like widening route 50 have been scrapped now. >> there is about 10 projects in each jurisdiction give or take, 10 to 20 projects that are being delayed or withdrawn. >> i hope they help us out a little more. traffic is pretty bad in this area. that's for sure. >> no permanent decision has been made about scrapping or delaying the road project. proposal are being put out for 30 days of public comment. >>> metro's board of direct ors will begin discussions today on how to close the budget gap but the talk yesterday was about safety. metro's interim general manager was on the hill to tell congress about the challenges that lie ahead for the agency and the federal transit ad margs grilled metro on safety. >> when this occurs especially in so-called blind spots, operators have limited ability to slow the train. this is a grotesque violation of al
in iceland still lingering, brian. >> bob barnard tonight. >>> heads up for anyone on the roads in virginia overnight. about two hours from now road crews will close all lanes ever the dulles toll road at hunter mill road exit. the closures will start between midnight and 2:45 a.m. and last about 15 mince at a time. it's all part of the metrorail construction project to dulles airport. >>> the storm force tracking today's wet weather. a live look outside right now. it looks hazy. warmer weather is now moving in. sue palka is down in the weather center. all right, sue, bring on that warmer weather. >> good observation on the live shot that actually is a little bit of fog. we're seeing that being reported at reagan, dulles and bwi. good news. the rain has started to move out. we will watch for the fog. trueview will show you most of the showers we have left across the region are mainly over on the delmarva peninsula. that should do it although check out the rain. we did not get a lot today. it was enough to probably get rid of the pollen which is good news for a lot of you. generally under a
thrown overboard by the explosion about 100 people survived the blast. massey which is based in virginia, expects the second quarter loss in the miami explosion to range between 80 and -- $80 to $150 million. >>> president obama drove home his case for sweeping financial reform today. he gave a speech near wall street, pushing for legislation that would give the government more power to take control of companies that are too big to fail. he wants more transparencies and complex financial markets. and a new agency to protect consumers from banks. in the end, our system only works on markets, that are only free. when there are basic safeguards that are abused, the area that ensures that they are more profitable to play by the rules than the games of the system. >> spending millions, lobbying in congress and this morning, the u.s. chambers of commerce took out a full page ad in the new york times. both parties in washington are ready to hammer out an agreement. >>> in tonight's consumer alert, good news for the customers in maryland. the utility company announced that they are expanding the
-martial here. his court-martial will be in norfolk, virginia on may 6th. nonetheless, this is a case that has galvanized the military. there's a lot of stuff online and facebook pages and hundreds of thousands of people saying it is very odd this is going on. they don't understand why these troops have been charged with these crimes. >> we can never forget those pictures of seeing our guys brutally murdered and then hanging there on the bridge. i'll never forget that picture on the front page of the new york times and bottom line, whether this guy that was in court saying that he was interrogated and beaten up, we still don't know for sure if he was the one that orchestrated those killings and the hangings of those dead bodies. we're still looking for who did it for sure, correct? >> reporter: absolutely. as you said, this was a turning point in the war here that showed how fierce the insurgency was. you saw those pictures and it shocked the world and it shocked american officials and it started the offense that happened in fallujah in late 2004. it was the turning point that caused that, but
virginia does. there'll be delays. pay attention. visibility less than an 8th of a mile. eastern shore, you still have fog even though you're not underneath an advisory. we have a temperature of 70 degrees in the outlook for this afternoon. it'll
the advisory and also extends into virginia as well. if you have travel plans maybe on business headed in that direction, you're not going to see the fog quite dissipate that early. temperature wise, it's rather mild. 51 degrees in baltimore, 48 in salisbury and hagerstown. this fog will dissipate by later in the day. the frontal boundary could bring us light showers in spots, isolated in nature. high pressure will dominate through tomorrow and knack fo ma nicer day tomorrow. we get the run of showers and thunder this weekend. fog this morning, something is up, and thunder this afternoon. an isolated shower is not impossible but a nice day tomorrow. mostly mild and showers later saturday into the middle of next week still a possibility. let's see what is happening on the roads. most specifically with candace dold. she has the traffic edge. >> reporter: it is going to be a dangerous ride because of the fog. i was coming in from howard county and i could barely see cars in front of me and traffic lights as well. this is same deal headed on 295, here it is at route 32, reduced visibility
an argument. >>> this 99-year-old may be one of the oldest fans of apple's ipad. virginia campbell's daughter gave it has a birthday gift as soon it was released. she suffers from glaucoma and giving her back her youth. >> before that, i could barely see to read. >> thanks to the brightly lit screen, she's already read two books and gotten back into writing poetry. this is the first computer she has ever owned. see a commercial coming there. >>> things are getting pretty smelly around some parts of seattle. >> it was a total shock. it's the last thing that we wanted to do because we actually, like me, i take pride in my job and taking care of my customers. >> and those 1 million customers are begging their local waste management crew to come back to work. members of the teamsters union walked off the job over some safety concerns but waste management officials say it's all about the money. >>> well, this university baseball player took a leap of faith. in the 8th inning of the game he was trying to get to home plate butted blocked by the -- but blocked by the catcher. he leapt over the catche
is for good. -- one is fort hood. we have a similar circumstance at a hospital in virginia. has taken me three or four times to understand it, but within the additions on the food stamp program, where a lot of the dollars look like they are not obligated, it takes awhile for inflation to get back to where it was. perhaps we can get a better explanation than from me on this item, but a lot of the out years spending is mandatory, based on what we did on food stamps. . . >> it is only in the last 10 days here so. >> i appreciate your diligence. if the numbers we had where numbers that came from a staff concentration. we read by upon it. -- rely upon it. the whole premise of the stimulus was to get the economy moving again. some of these are good programs. they are ones we should be paying for as part of the regular function of government and not spending money under the guise of providing an economic stimulus. if the only question we look at -- that we try to answer is it this is a program that has some merit, then we will never pay for anything. there is an endless list of things, for example th
. berman: mr. speaker, i'm pleased to yield two minutes to the gentleman from virginia, mr. moran. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman is recognized for two minutes. mr. moran: thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the chairman for his leadership on this issue. as the chairman knows, i have some reservations about the effectiveness of a sanctions regime, but there's no question in my mind but the worst thing that can happen is military confrontation, because that would, in fact, unite the iranian people against america and on the wrong side of history. you no, 7 -- now, it is too easy to think of iran as a monolithic people. the reality is that iran is the successor to the great persian civilization and is a very diverse civilization. i share the chairman's concern about the current government of iran, which i doubt think is consistent with persia's history. and in fact their actions have been inexplicable and inexcusable. and the chairman is right, obviously, to respond. but the reality is that a very substantial portion of the iranian population, perhaps the majority, in fact embra
virginia this month. do you think that the hor ryon is -- horizon is going to be filled with new challenges? >> well, we are highly regulated industry, and we will continue to see additional regulations and standards as we improve, and we have a track record within peabody of improving our safety for five years in a row now, but we are always looking for better ways and methods to maintain a more safe environment, whether it is in the surface or the the underground operations not only here but in australia, and then as we begin to operations in some of the emerging or new markets for us such as china. >> i guess that the question is, given the tighter regulatory environment that may very well result in some of the actions and the rhetoric coming out of wkt, particularly in u.s., does that impact your margins or impact your expenses? >> sure. any time we have certain changes in the regulatory or the safety environment, it does add costs. that's not an issue for us. i mean, the issue that you want to provide the safest environment for our employees both underground and at the surface operatio
medicine. thank you. host: next is west virginia. this is debbie on the line for democrats, talking about the vat tax this morning. i can hear your television in the background. can you hit the mute? caller: i'm sorry. yes, i live in west virginia. a vat tax -- we are taxed like crazy in west written yet. we pay a real estate tax, personal property tax, and we pay a tax to have a dog. if you have a business, there's a tax for every city. we're taxed to death. plus, the sales tax. ananother tax will kill us. the last thing we need is another tax. host: if they created one that exempted food and other must have services, would that change your mind? caller: i think there's a better solution to the deficit. first, i think the first thing we need to do is welfare reform. these people who are on welfare do not work and they just have another kid so they can collect more money. it would probably make a huge difference in the national deficit. host: 4 "the houston chronicle" the oil rig explosion is front- page news. later on in the program, we will talk to the lead republican on the house energ
and virginia, more states than most americans, may lose his citizenship because he aligned himself with al qaeda. what we're seeing is in the last few months there's a real focus on the american clerk, in particular after the christmas day -- the attempted christmas day bombing. the capture and kill order and a move on capitol hill to strip him of his american citizenship, which is the very thing that makes him popular among followers. >> anwar al awlaki. >> yes. >> that's the first time. >> katherine, thank you. >> more than that. >> i messed it up a million times. >>> quickly, tornado warning. denver just issued it, north central douglas county. if you're in the denver area, bad weather is on the way. >>> ten seconds it all the time you get to beat down your opponent in a brutally fight club. it's apparently happening in schools across this nation. here's how it works. kids fight using fists and feet while students watch and sometimes video it. the videos from fights at a middle school in michigan. school leader say in troy say at least three students have been suspended after one kid en
. >> it was supposed to be a birthday gift for chris 3-year-old granddaughter in virginia. the birthday card mailed in january with a $50 target gift card. tucked inside. then . . . >> i was angry. >> and an empty envelope returned to sender. by the postal service. >> and they said we found this, did you have money, cash, or a gift card in it? if so, please let us know. so my husband did. >> her husband michael alerted the post office, the couple victims of postal theft. they discovered a postal employee at the processing and distribution center, on east fayette street had been stealing hundreds of gift cards. taking them from the envelopes. >> well sounds like a trend in baltimore. people stealing gift cards. >> now, an arrest. >> i came in the door, and i said michael they got the sucker. >> federal investigators have charged andrew walsh with theft of mail, a cockeysville man and late night acting supervisor, at the post office on fayette. according to court papers. greeting cards had been opened with their contents removed. numerous times. a hidden camera caught walsh. >> police arrested walsh
, land mass larger than the state of to west virginia deforested over the past decade, a sad statement there another one here if we look up into the mount everest region of nepal, 1990 here, 2007 here. look at the disappearing of the glaciers up here, one of the huge concerns of environmentalists as they mark earth day. again, just look at those images, then and now and that is only in the last 17 years. not all the news is bleak, pull out a little earth day 2010 postcard, the yellowstone fires, might remember those back in 1988, look at the devastation there now look at the pictures thriving there. and the bald eagle, once endangered is now off the endangered species list and beginning to thrive in this country. not all the news is bad. in some case, evidence of an environmental bounceback. we will leave the debit to you over whether al gore is right or he's wrong but on earth day today, interesting perspective from up above. >>> now when we come back, we will go one-on-one with the man you might call the odd man out in florida's senate race, the democratic candidate in a race dominat
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